My dream to have this year


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Trying to be in? Not really.  Just trying to still be connected to the internet without bringing with me my laptop.  This is the clear purpose of me dreaming to have this awesome Samsung Galaxy.  Bringing my laptop anywhere I go makes me a bit tired because it is a bit heavy.  Though I am thinking to buy netbook before because I think it is more convenient to bring for it is not heavy compared to a laptop.  But, my mind changed after seeing this Samsung Galaxy.  Look at the picture, isn’t it tempting? Oh well, the picture invites.  It is like telling me “come and get me“.  haha!

This gadget is my latest craze and I am hoping to have this on my hand soon.  I already told my sister about since she is my adviser.  I always confide to her every time I want to buy something.  She asked me of my priority to buy a digital camera or this Samsung Galaxy.  It feels like I am torn between two lovers because I want to have both. haha!  I have to think of what is my priority to buy first right now because buying both is a bit expensive.  Having Samsung Galaxy would be in my dreams and I do hope that this dream would come true this year.


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2 Responses to “My dream to have this year”

  1. SHY says:

    Go gilr get that Samsung Galaxy and then later the digi cam.. Your right it always convenience to have a phone that has online because it is very important to us as a blogger to check time to time online..

  2. Pinx says:

    i like that one pud Gen, but i would love to have an iPhone jud, kaso lang it’s so expensive…dili kaya ng aking bulsa!!!