Checking her cellphone

A month ago, the SIL gave the cellphone to her daughter for her to contact them anytime if she needed anything like things to buy for her project.  Also for her to message her parents if something is wrong and she needs to be fetch at school.  Part of giving her daughter a cellphone is the expenses for cellphone’s load for the niece to be able to contact them.  The load of her cellphone is budgeted and limited.  So it is purely for important and emergency purposes only.

Unfortunately, the load of the niece’s cellphone won’t last for two days.  The niece keeps on asking for a load from her mother that is why the SIL is wondering.  The SIL wants to know what are the other activities of her daughter and so she is checking the daughter’s cellphone.  After checking, the SIL know that her daughter is exchanging messages to her classmate that is why her load did not last for three days.  Though they are just exchanging girly stuffs there but still it is not good because it adds more expenses.  The SIL will talk to her daughter this weekend and will try to make her understand that the use of cellphone is for important matter only.


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