Bothered by too many questions

I am trying to make an update of my blogs today.  I can tell I am in the mood to write to I bring the kids to their afternoon nap.  I am glad when the one year old nephew fell asleep.  One down and one to go.  With all the singing and telling him scary things, still the two years old nephew’s eyes are fully awake. arghs!  I tried more than once, but stops when he told me he don’t want to sleep.  Instead of forcing him, I bring him to the living room with me so that he won’t bother his cousin who is sleeping.

I am ready to do my online tasks when this curious little one asks a lot.  My goodness!  He is roaming around the living room and then picking up anything.  He came near to me holding a shoe, belt, bag, book, and many more.  He will bring anything that he saw and asked me with so many questions.  Questions like, who bought this?  where did we bought it? whose shoe is this? etc…etc…  I cannot concentrate with what I am doing because I am answering his questions.  He bothers me when I don’t answer.  I am so bothered by this little fella beside me.  I am looking at him and I don’t see any signs that he is sleepy.  I hope I will be able to finish my tasks today.  Good luck to me.


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2 Responses to “Bothered by too many questions”

  1. Pinx says:

    hahaha…well, at least it goes to show Gen na he’s interested and curious. my son is also like that…

  2. Ayaw samok dira ronj bawong busy si tita ug blog hehehe. visiting here gurl