The Fire Month

Month of March is known to be the fire month.  Why?  Because it is in this month where series of fires happens.  I am not sure if my observation is right, but to me I guess fire happens during summer where the weather is a bit hot. haha  Well,  just my observation since most common reason of fire is due to overheating electrical appliances like electric fan.   Smiley   Anyways, whatever the reason is, we must know that we have to be extra careful every time.  Here in the city, there are several fires happens on the first week of this month.  Lots of properties and houses are burned down.  Investigations has been made and one of the reasons are related to electrical.

Each year, the city is conducting a seminars about how to prevent fire, what to do when fire occurs and safety measures.  Even so, still people are too careless that is why fire incidents are increasing each year.  Seems like seminars are not effective or just that people are lazy to do their part to prevent fire.  Always be careful and be alert.  These are the words that we as citizen of this country should know for us to avoid fire.  Checking plugs, electrical appliances and other things that can cause fire should be done to avoid fire accidents.  Not so difficult job, right?  Let us cooperate as citizen of this country.


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