Back for good

Three days ago, a friend of mine offers me a web hosting and dedicated IP for this blog.  It is a great offer for me because I so wanted to get a dedicated IP but I am out of budget.  I always remember that it is not good to refuse an offer that is why I am grabbing it without hesitation.  And also, I can save money if I will get it to other web hosting company.  The transferring and migration has done simultaneously.   Unfortunately, the migration is not successful because the importation is not successful.  It says the file size I am downloading is exceeded.  I do not know why I cannot import the xml file of this blog.  Smiley

Several attempts has been done but still I cannot import it so, I decided to go back to my previous web hosting.  I am sad but I do not have any choice but to transferred it back to the web hosting where it came from.  I just thought that the offer was not for me.  If I were to get the offer, I might lost my previous articles that I made two years ago.  And I cannot afford to lost it because this is my first ever blog and those articles that I made was my first.  It has sentimental value to me.  This blog is now running normally after two days of experimentation and it is now back for good.  To my friend Claire, thanks very much for the offer unfortunately it is not meant for me.


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One Response to “Back for good”

  1. Claire says:

    Aww, thanks for this post:) I am sad about it but I can’t understand why can’t do it. I wish I am very tech to know whats going on so we could have it added with a a dedicated IP. Thanks you so much for the frienship:)