The Doorknob is Broken

The bathroom doorknob was stuck when the father is about to enter the bathroom.  Maybe because the doorknob is a bit old.  At first the father is so calm in  trying to open the doorknob that was stuck up using the key.  After several times of trying and it did not open, the father’s temper rise up.  I can sense it easily because the way he turns the key to open the doorknob.  I knew the father very well, so I just let him do it.  I won’t come near him unless he wants my help.  Well, I did tell him to wait for the brothers to arrived because they know better.  I just keep quiet when he did not reply.

The father is really pissed off because he started banging the door.  A little desperate so to speak.   The next thing I heard was a big BANG.  The father loses his temper totally. He smashed the door that caused the doorknob breaks and cracks of the bathroom door.  This is the result of being so hard-headed and desperation to open the doorknob.  Instead of fixing it, the father destroys it.  And now we have to buy not only the doorknob but also a bathroom door.  If only the father has patience to wait for the brother to arrive, our bathroom door is not fine.  I can see regrets on father’s face but there is nothing we can do about it.  All we have to do is to use the broken one until such time that we will buy a new one.


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