Selling the old televisions

The old televisions that we have has been stored in the empty space attached to the house.  The father wanted the brother to fix it that is why my suggestion  of selling it was not pushed through.  The empty space we have is my little store attached to our house.  Since I stopped running my small business, I decided to make it as our storage room.  We put in there the old stuffs we have like old appliances, some furniture like chairs, tables and racks that I have when I am still doing my small business.  My decision of closing the store was best I guess because I spend more than I earned.  And in that situation, keep it running is useless.

I was cleaning the storage room  yesterday when the father decided to sell the old televisions that was stored there for a year now.  The brother does not want to fix it anymore because we will spend more and then not guaranteed that it will last longer.  The brother suggested that it is better for us to buy a new television than to fix the old one that has more than one damage to be done.  At last, those television will be disposed soon.  I hope very soon.


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