Luke warm water instead of cold water

To lose weight is one of my main goals this year.  I am always a failure when it comes to this matter.  A failure because I always end up getting tired and losing patients of getting a good result.  I admit that losing weight is very hard to achieve because along the way, there are various temptations what will test the determination and willingness to lose weight.  In doing so, I am gathering again opinions, ideas and tips on how to do it successfully.  Indeed it takes lots of patience, time and effort to succeed.  I know temptation would always test me and I am ready for them.

One of the problems I have right now is looking for a way to eliminate the fats that stored in my belly.  A friend says that I got this from drinking cold water from the fridge.  I am always craving for water from the fridge and I just can’t help it.  I am having some hard time to avoid it because I can’t be contented with water from the faucet.  However, after hearing the tips and ideas I guess I need to start avoiding cold water now and replaced it with lukewarm water.  The first time I tried it, I did not like it because I feel like I am not drinking water at all.  But this is part of the sacrifices that I have to take for me to get the weight that I am aiming for.   A big good luck to me and I hope I will get the targeted weight.


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One Response to “Luke warm water instead of cold water”

  1. Pinx says:

    wohooo! ako man lagi, sige ko inom bugnaw, okay ra man akong tiyan.. hahahaha! sa una nuon, dili ko tig inom bugnaw, flat kaayo akong tyan, pero wala pa koy duha ka baktin ato.. hahaha.. karon, ning stretch naman tawn maayo ang tiyan, mao nang daghan na kaayo og fats…