Sling for her cellphone

It happens many times that the niece give her parents an abrupt message to buy something for school project.  And she always get scolded by her father because she did not tell them earlier.  The niece always submitted a late project.  Which is not good because it affects the grades she got after submitting.  This is the reason why the SIL decided to give her daughter a cellphone for her to contact them right away if she needs something to buy for her school project.  Happy as a bee I can tell because she always wanted a cellphone of her own.  The niece is a bit forgetful that is why her mother bought sling for her cellphone.  And also, for her to  have her cellphone anywhere she went.

It is best to have a sling for her to always put her cellphone around her neck.  To avoid being stole or robbed from her.  As they say, “prevention is better than cure”.  Now that the niece has new cellphone, she can contact her parents every time her teacher wants them to bring something for the following day assignments.  I hope that she only use her cellphone for good purposes.  I mean, not engaging into not so good things that are being transferred through bluetooth or infrared.  Though I always remind the niece to be a good and responsible phone user.


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