Plan to construct another bedroom

After the house loan applied by the father granted, we are very happy because at last we will have our own house. Emoticon  But the problem is that the house is so small.  Though we used to have a small house before, the situation is different because we all grown up.  The house has only one bedroom that would be occupied by my sister and I.  The father is thinking of putting up another room but the house is too small.  Then he decided to extend for us to construct another bedroom for him and the younger brother.  And the two older brother will sleep in the living room with folding bed.

As the family is getting bigger because the brother and his family lives with us.  The house becomes a bit crowded that makes the father decides to make another bedroom for himself.  The bedroom where I used to share with my sister will be occupied by me and my two nieces since the sister moves out of the house when she got married.  The bedroom where the father occupied before will be given to the brother and his wife and the new proposed new bedroom will be occupied by father.  He already contacted the same carpenter who did the renovation of the house and we are waiting for him to come and give the materials that we have to buy for the construction of the new building.  As an interior decorator of the house, I am thinking of the new arrangement of the living room when the new bedroom will be constructed.  I am excited because I so much love rearranging the house a lot.   Smiley


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