Window shopping for digital camera

My next project to buy this year is a digital camera.  Though we do have digital camera already, I still want to buy one for personal use.  Also, I really need camera of my own so that I can bring it anytime and anywhere I want.  I never thought of buying one before until I started my life in blogging.  Through blogging I am able to buy things that I wanted to buy and buy foods that I wanted to eat.  I have bought two valuable things from the money I earned from blogging and I am so thankful for the opportunity given.

I am looking of a good quality and nice camera that is why I am doing the window shopping.  Window shopping makes me tired but I extend my patience for me to find the digital camera that I want.  Doing it makes me realized that window shopping is fun even if it is tiring and I like it so far.  I will do more window shopping till I find what I am looking for besides I am still saving money for it.  I now understand why there are lots of shoppers do window shopping first before deciding what to buy.


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One Response to “Window shopping for digital camera”

  1. Pinx says:

    ako, i want to have a new dslr jud, katong brand new gen. gusto na nako ilisan akong karaan oi… hehehe.