I miss doing the cross stitch

I started doing cross stitching as a project at school.  Since then I am hooked up and it has become my hobby.  I have collections of different patterns to stitch but did not able to do it all.  Out of the ten that I have collected years back, I have only done five of it.  I do not have time then because I am a bit busy at school.  I cannot do both studying and stitching at the same time because time is very hectic.  Doing it is quiet expensive for a student like me.  And also, cross stitching takes lots of time to make a single pattern.  So, I decided to put cross stitching stuffs in a box and do it when I have lots of time.

Today, while cleaning the house I saw the framed cross stitch pattern.  Suddenly, I miss doing it.  I check the box where I put the needles, threads and patterns that I keep for years.  It is still there and waiting for me to have time to do it again.  I do not have time still because I have other things to do online.  It is so sad that I was not able to make the five remaining patterns that I have collected.  I hope that one day I will have the time to do it and have it frame to hand it on the wall of our house.  Seeing the framed ones makes me smile because at reminds me of my high school and college days.  I remember when that I used to bring it at school and do the cross stitching during my free time.  Soon  I will do cross stitching again and add it to my collections.


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