On Panicked Buying

The sister is very much busy preparing the things needed for the first birthday celebration of her son.  She done it personally to make sure everything is okay according to her plan.  She is happy because all is ready however, she realized  she forgot to buy her son clothes to wear on his special day.  We then rush to the nearest department store to buy her son a t-shirt and a shorts.

When we reached to the department store, we are shocked because shoppers are on panicked buying.  We do not have any choice but to start looking for shirts and shorts for my nephew.  It took us two hours to finally decide of what to buy.  We feel relieved because we are finally done.   But  when we look at the cashiers area, the line is a bit long.arghs!  This is what I hate when buying things on rush hours.  In times like this, my patience are being tested and I ma so glad I have plenty of it.  I fall in line and patiently waiting for my turn.   Good thing the cashier in-charge moves fast.  It only took me 30 minutes of standing and waiting.  I am glad we are done and we can relax tomorrow to get our self ready for the small birthday party…

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