Having a good result

After five days of home treatment, my brother now is getting better.  The family is so happy because the worries we have in our mind for the past week has now gone because his body is responding to the recent antibiotic that the doctor is prescribing.  The previous antibiotics that he’s been taking do not have a good result that is why the doctor prescribed a higher dosage of antibiotics.  A bit expensive but we do not have any choice because life is more important than money.  We are forced to check out from the hospital and opted to medicate my brother at home because we do not have money to pay the ward’s room.  Good thing the doctor allows my brother to check out and gives us the medicines we need for the home treatment.

I am an instant nurse I must say because I am nursing my brother for five days.  I am about to leave the city with my father to go to the province for important appointment.  But before we leave, I brought my brother to the hospital for check up and final x-ray.  I am so happy to see his x-ray result and after hearing the doctor’s comparison of the previous x-rays that my brother is taking.  They seen a big development about the water in his lungs and he is getting better.  The expensive medicine is worth it because my brother is getting better.  I am praying for his continues recovery for him to move normally and brings back the jolly brother that I have.  Get well soon brother and God bless you always.

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One Response to “Having a good result”

  1. Pinx says:

    that is so good to hear Gen. i hope your brother will completely recover.