My forgetful mind

I was in the middle of updating my blog when my sister called me and asked favor from me.  I did not do right away what she asked me to do because I opted to finish writing the post update for my blog.  I did not mean to forget the favor she asked from me.  When the main door shut, I was shocked and look at the door I saw the angry face of my sister.  Then I remember that I forgot the favor she asked.  My forgetful mind makes my sister so angry.  I just keep my mouth shut because she mockingly looks at me like she wanted to eat me.  I knew my sister very well and I just let her anger pass by.  I so wanted to say I am sorry but opted not to because if I did, I was like putting more woods on burning fire. Whew!

I know I was wrong and I wanted to say sorry for my sister.  I will just let her anger fades before come near her.  I was not paying attention to what she asked me to do that is why it slips in my mind.  If only I did it right away my sister won’t get mad at me.  Well, what is done is done and it is my fault.  I hope by tomorrow her anger fades for me to come near her and ask for forgiveness.

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One Response to “My forgetful mind”

  1. Pinx says:

    hala ka… hehehe… mao lagi na…busy kaayo sa blog…hehehe..