Welcome back pagerank

I remember it was in the middle of this year when Mr. G updated the status of every website.  I am so happy after seeing the twinkling pagerank 1 in this blog.  I never thought that this blog would recognize by Mr. G that early because I have just got this blog three months ago when Mr. G does the update.  I immediately tell the good news to the one who gave me this domain.  She has the kind heart that would help everyone who is new to blogging.  I am the happiest person when I meet her, got own domain and pagerank for this blog.  But my happiness fades after two months of enjoying my pagerank because it was get back to 0.  Not bad at all because I get used of the time when I have pagerank.

After the pagerank of this blog got back to 0, I double my effort hoping that the pagerank will come back.  My effort was answered because the pagerank 1 of this blog is now back.  Few weeks ago, Mr. G did an update again and I got the pagerank 1 back. Woohoo!  Thank you God and thanks to all my readers, visitors and commenter.  Welcome back pagerank 1, I am so happy to see you back.  I pray that you will stay forever and grow a bit higher soon…

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One Response to “Welcome back pagerank”

  1. Mgmar says:

    Congratulations! My other blog decreased it’s PR but still I am happy I got some.