Meeting the Owner

The family felt sad after the owner of the car we are going to buy said they will no longer sale their car.  We are sad because they changed their mind on the day we are going to pay them.  The conversation they had with my father went really well and we do not have any idea why they change their mind.  We just thought that it is not for us to have it.  Since the owner said no, we still look for the same car that is for sale in the city.  It is never easy because it will take much time, effort and patience to find what we are looking for.

The family is happy when my brother-in-law said that he knows someone whose car is for sale.  The amount is perfect for the family’s budget and the car will load the whole family in it.  The right car that my father is looking for.  Tomorrow, my father will be meeting the owner of the car together with my brother-in-law.  And yes, we are excited again and pray that this is it.  Anything can change but we do hope that the owner wont change his mind because we really needed  the car to start our small business. We prayed that my father will closes the deal tomorrow.  We are crossing our fingers.

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3 Responses to “Meeting the Owner”

  1. Pinx says:

    pasakya nya ko Gen ha.. hehehe…

  2. Chie says:

    aw, what a disappointment sis. cguro na dli pra sa inyo ang car. maybe mkakita pa mo nga mas nice ato.

  3. analou says:

    It is really nice to own a car especially a van in the Philippines. Ever since I am here in the US I never heard of somebody selling something then at the day of the transaction, he or she backed out. It was not really meant for your family sis. A nice and better one will come along. Have a nice day.