Carpenter for Hire

Because of the heavy rain and the wind blows, the roof at the back of our house was blown away.  My father did try to fix it but he is too old to use too much force to put it back.  My brothers are busy at their work and cannot leave their job because they have too many absences already.  My older climbing on the roof and check what they can do, he told my father to contact a carpenter to fix it for us.  He cannot do it because it is very difficult.  It needs the job of an expert in fixing the roof.  Another unexpected expenses happened but we are glad it is only the roof that was blown away.

Right now, we are looking for a carpenter who will fix the roof.  It is not easy to hire someone whom we can trust.  The father cannot give trust to the person he doesn’t know because some are not doing their job correctly.  We have experienced that and my father does not want to happen it again.  While we are still looking for a carpenter, my brother decided to just tie it temporarily just to prevent the water from coming in.  I hope we can find a carpenter soon because it is always raining here in the city.

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One Response to “Carpenter for Hire”

  1. Pinx says:

    sorry to hear about your roof Gen… i hope it will be fixed soon… kami sad, we had someone cover the holes sa roof a few months ago, karon o, nag bagyo diri, wa nay tulo.. hehehe..