Climbing on the Tree

I was still in my dreamland when my father woke me up and asked me to climb on the Guyabano tree to get some leaves.  Many says that the leaves from the Guyabano tree will help in cleansing the toxic in our body by drinking the water where the leaves soaked and boiled.  And also will cleanse the acid that caused his arthritis to attack.  Good thing we do have a Guyabano tree that my sister planted years ago.  I am pretending not hearing him , but my nephew climb up on me and help my father woke me up.  No choice but to get up and get some leaves for him to boil in water.

While climbing, I remember when I was a child I do loved to climb on the tree and play there.  My sister used to call me monkey because I usually hide on the tree to avoid household  I missed the childhood  fun that I had.  I am not getting any younger that took me some time to climb on the tree.  How I wish I was young so that I can easily climb on the tree.  If my brother is here he would do it instead of me.  I am glad that by looking at the tree for some time, I was able to climb and get the leaves that my father is needed.whew!

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2 Responses to “Climbing on the Tree”

  1. Russ says:

    Well it sounds like you did a good job. We get a little slower climbing the tree as we get older. As for me. My tree climbing days are over.

  2. Hyanne says:

    Haha, mabuti hindi bumigay ang Guyabano tree sis at kinaya bigat mo? Hindi kasi masyadong matibay ang punong yan diba?