Asking for Presents

While at the mall buying our tickets, I told my father to buy the kids some presents because they love to have one.  I am used to it because every time I am out of the house, they always asked for some presents after I got home.  But when my father said he would buy the kids a dress so it is better if they are around for them to fit it right.  My father has a point so I did not make any comment.  My father is the kind of person that would buy something that is sensible.  He would like to make sure that we buy it for good reason.  He wanted to know that it is really a need not just a want.

As expected, when we arrived this morning the kids did asked for their presents.  I just told them to ask their grandfather instead of  Well, my father sat down facing the kids and explain to them well why he decided not to buy them a present.  After the explanation, they both smiled and excited for the Sunday treat from their grandfather.  No need to elaborate it more because my nieces are too smart to understand what my father wanted to say.

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