Bought the Tickets

Our five days vacation is over and we will go back to our home sweet home tomorrow.  We just bought our tickets this morning and we are ready to go home.  Though it was a bad vacation for me, still it was a good one because I do get to see my relatives that I have not seen for years.  I always have a frowned face because of unfortunate event happens, but I am glad I slowly accepted it.  I need to go home to forget everything happens here in the province of my parents.

Our vacation is worth it because my father did get what he plans to do here.  The important transaction is settle and thanks God that all things done smoothly.  I did not enjoyed the vacation really well but I am well rested and have time for my own away from the busy city.  I do missed home, my sister, nieces, brothers, nephew and other member of the family.  It is a wonderful feeling to wake up without nothing to worry about.  Only problem is that net here in the province is not so good.arghs!

I now have our tickets and always happy seeing it.  Excited to go home and give those presents that I bought from family and friends.  Thanks to my father for the money..:-)

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2 Responses to “Bought the Tickets”

  1. Pinx says:

    Bohol is still far from being a metropolis Gen, so basic utilities like telephone and internet is still in slow progress… but at least you were able to blog. hope to see you here again! have a safe trip!