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I was influenced by my brother who is an IT graduate to use Windows XP.   He explains me everything and since I do not have that kind of knowledge in computer terms and operating system things.  To make the long story short, I decided to reformat my computer from Windows 7 to Windows XP.  I have lost some of files because the technician was not able to back it up.  I am sad but nothing I can do since all are gone.  I am enjoying my new operating system because it loads fast.  The only problem I have is the screen resolutions.  I have contacted the technician but no response from him.  I have shared this problem to my friend Anne of Mary Anne’s Musings and I have been asking her about it.

Later this afternoon, Anne visited me in the house and asking me if she could use my computer for a while.  She saw my screen and offered to fix it.  I am glad because at last I will get rid of my wide/stretched screen.  She was having some hard time finding on what to do.  She disabled something that leads to black/empty  After several attempts of looking for the safe mode, I decided to install again Windows 7 operating system.  It was really funny because her purpose of visiting me is to open her Facebook but did not able to because of what happened.

I am back to Windows 7 now and back to downloading again antivirus, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and many others.  I have lost some files there but it is okay because I am able to get rid of SweetIm in my toolbar.  Thanks Anne.:-)

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