Shy but Friendly

Her teacher told her parents that she is very shy at her classroom.  Every time she was called for oral recitation, she doesn’t stand up and if she is forced to stand up, no words will comes out from her mouth.  It is funny to me because I see myself in her back when I was at her age.  That is why I always got the most behaved award during recognition she is lacking of self-confidence during classes hours.  Maybe she is shy that her classmates will laugh at her if she gives a wrong answer.  And I understand her because I used to be in that attitude back then.

She may be shy in her classroom especially during class’s hours but outside she is a friendly one.  She likes to be friend with other kids and play with them.  Every time she saw someone she interested in, she always asked for the name and started playing.  I am just afraid that others will get advantage of her being friendly.  She has this attitude of giving and helping when she can.  And this is very dangerous because at her age, she might be abused by others who want to take advantage of her.  That is why I supervised her and know whom she talks and plays a lot.

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One Response to “Shy but Friendly”

  1. Mona says:

    Same with my Kyla pero her teacher said she’s participating na raw inside the classroom. Sana maovercome nila shyness totally, quiet din kasi ako sa school before eh. Ayaw k magaya sya sa akin.