Washing our Hands

As a teacher I always tell my students about good manners and etiquette. I won’t forget nor miss about telling them to wash their hands before eating their foods. Every time we will have our snacks, we always go there all together and fall in line in washing our hands. At the same time we will sing all together.

“This is the way, we wash our hands, wash our hands, wash our hands” (2x) Early in the morning…. “

My little bumblebee love it and they always have fun in doing it. Since they are having fun in washing their hands, they really won’t forget to wash their hands before eating their foods or before having snacks. Then they would let their Hand Dryer.

Upon looking, how they are enjoy doing it. It made me smile and feel so thankful that I teach them the right way. I considered it a big achievement every time I share my knowledge with my little bubble bees. It is also the same, once I saw how happy their parents are, to see how their little kiddos getting improve and got some much friends to socialize. I just could not but smile at the same time.  We’ve just started and we have a long way to go.

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