New look in the living room

The house is so quiet this afternoon.  I am so sleepy but cannot do it because my two years old nephew is 100% awake.arghs!  I have to keep my eyes wide open because my nephew is busy playing.  Since my eyes are a bit teary facing the computer, I have to stay away for a while.  My eyes are busy looking of what is going to do to keep me awake.  Suddenly, my mind thinking of arranging the living room.  It’s been a while since the last time I done it.  I immediately start to arrange it while my nephew is very busy playing.  Moving some things and now our house has new look.  My father didn’t like it but I am used to it. He doesn’t want moving things from one place to another.  So I do not mind him.  I just told him if he want to change it, he has do to it

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