Loved by Kids

I have attended several children parties already.  Every time I am invited, I bring with me my nieces so that they too can enjoy since it is a children’s party, the party that I didn’t experience back when I was still young.  I do not want them to experience the same so I always bring them with me every time I am invited to kids’ birthday party.  I am happy to see them enjoying and having fun at the party.  They meet lots of kids that are very helpful for them to not be so shy.  In a way it is the best way to start socialization.

What I saw mostly at the party are the clowns who are  kids entertainers.  I am amazed of their patience in entertaining the kids and give the enjoyment in the party.  There are kids who are not that cooperating and have tantrums especially the celebrant, still they are able to manage in motivating the kids to be cooperative.  They are so loved by kids I must say.   I am thinking of surprising my nieces with a birthday party one day.  I would love to see them happy and entertained on their special day.

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