Family Reunion

My clan is planning to conduct a grand reunion soon.  This will be our first ever reunion where the whole clan will go to attend.  Our previous was not a success because many did not able to come because of the venue and financial matters.  Everybody is excited and looking forward to the grand reunion.  Lots of things to consider that are why as early as possible we have to prepare and settle things for this reunion be a successful one.

Everybody agreed that we will have to wear the same t-shirt printed the design we make with the name at the back of the shirt for us to recognized each other easily.  We are looking for someone who could design a t-shirt for us.  The trusted company who has the best workers to do the printing for our reunion shirt because we believed that trusted professionals will give us the satisfaction we want.

We are almost done with the preparation.  After the t-shirt printing, all we are going to do now is to wait for the reunion date.  I am pretty sure it will be a success because everybody is helping and doing their part for the upcoming event in our clan.

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