Desktop for Sale

I was cleaning the house this morning because it is a bit messy now.  It’s been a while since the last time I do the general cleaning of our humble abode.  In the corner of our house I saw my old desktop.  The desktop that I used on the first day I started blogging and it has sentimental value to me because this desktop helps me to make my dream to become a blogger come true.  I cannot blog anymore because the memory is too low and it is very old computer.

While cleaning I think of selling my desktop.  I think it is better to sold it to someone who can use it rather than to put in the corner and rat can play with it.  I am not sure if someone might get interested to buy it, still I put desktop for sale outside our house.

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2 Responses to “Desktop for Sale”

  1. mabelle says:

    maayo na madam kay iforSALE nimo. diri pa madam asa kaha. gi agop-op sa sook ang mga cpus ug mga old monitors ug flat screen monitors. ingon ko igarage sale, dli daw. ambot unsaon kaha ni. lami ni pangdokdokon ug ipatimbang makasapi unta ko ani.