It’s good to feel fresh

I have observed some people are covering their mouth while having conversation.  It seems like they are hiding something that they do not want others to know and noticed.  To me it doesn’t give a good impact to them and it will low their self-esteem.   It is good to see if we are confident enough while talking to others because it will not put any confusion to the person we are talking to.  It will not give good impression if we are doing it while at work.  If we are that conscious, it will affect our work.

To have bad breath cure is one of the best thing to do for us to be confident enough while having conversation.  It will help us feels good for ourselves.  It doesn’t mean that we only take it because of the bad smell.  It is also for hygienic purposes that is why we have to take this cure and also a big help to those who needed it much.  I am going to try this one soon and tell it to my friends also for us to feel good all the time.  We can have conversation and smile a lot without covering our mouth.

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One Response to “It’s good to feel fresh”

  1. Xenia says:

    Hi Genny! It’s been a while since I visited.

    I agree. I especially dislike people who cover their mouths when I am having a conversation with them. Rude, di ba?

    Btw, I joined your community at Google Friend Connect, hope you can do the same for my blog.