Teaching him how to count numbers

Most of the time, it’s only my nephew and I left in the house.  He got bored playing the same toys everyday that is why he is bugging me while I am doing my online stuffs.  I cannot concentrate doing my stuffs because he always grabbed my hands.  I am thinking of giving him something to do for him to be busy.  At first I am giving him a pen and a paper.  He shred the paper and writing on his hands and legs.  Makes him look a messy one and more mess for me to clean because the papers he shred are on the floor.

Since I cannot concentrate doing my things, I stay away from the computer and decided to teach him how to count numbers.  He listens to me attentively and looking at my fingers while I am counting.  I am repeating counting from 1 to 10 when grabbed my hands and give me his hands.  He wants me to count using his fingers.  His innocence is so cute that makes me smiles a lot.  I did use his fingers to count numbers and after several times, he can count from 1 to 4.  We will have another counting lesson tomorrow for him.  I will teach him more for him to get ready when he goes to school.

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One Response to “Teaching him how to count numbers”

  1. J-mie says:

    I know exactly what you are going through. My son not only grabs and pulls my hand but hits the keyboard as hard as he can. 🙂 It may seem irritating but come to think of it, these are precious memories. 🙂 Enjoy counting with your nephew.