Fever is in the House

The city is experiencing rain for almost two weeks now.  Because of this weather six members in my family are having fever.  Yes, the fever is in our house, its starts from my father, brother sister-in-law, and sister-in-laws niece down to the three kids.  It is very difficult to see when a family is sick especially the kids.  My brother and his wife did not mind if they are having fever, still they go to work.  It is really very hard thinking that who will be the next.  I am taking vitamin C and drinking lots of water to prevent me from being sick.  As they say, prevention is better than cure and I am applying it because I do not want to be sick especially fever.  Fever makes me weak and tired that most of the time I want to just lay down and rest but cannot.  So, as much as possible I stay away from being sick.  I wish and pray that this fever will go out of the house soon before infecting me.

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