Notice of Disconnection

Truly that when it rain it pours because after the misunderstanding we had in our family, now we are facing another trials.  This morning, I received a notice of disconnection from the electric company.  My brother did not able to pay it in full last month because of insufficient money.  I did have a little argument with my father again but I stopped before his blood reach through his head.

I remember years back when our electricity was disconnected and it is very hard especially at night.  Not a good experience for me and I do not want to experience it again.  I did talk to my brother after we had our dinner because we have to find a way to keep our electricity.  I hope that my brother will find a way by tomorrow.  I believe that God will provide, I pray to God this He will guide us in finding a way to be able to pay the electric bill.


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2 Responses to “Notice of Disconnection”

  1. Mona says:

    Naku hirap talaga kapag walang electricity .. Well sana maging ok na.

  2. chie says:

    i hope it will be resolved sis..lisod raba jud walay electric..anyway…nabanhaw ko sa blog land..