Downloading Movies

I like to watch movies but I do not like watching it in the theater.  To me watching movies in the cinema is a bit expensive than to stay at home, plus the noisy sound effects that irritates  That is why I am contented watching my favorite movies at home after months of showing at the cinema.  Although it’s a bit late and I have heard so many stories of what is the story of the movie, still I want to see it in my own eyes.  I also want to watch movies from before because it is very classic and very romantic. I am glad I have my computer that I can use to download my favorite movies online.  I am making a list of the classic movies that I like to watch.  I have started to download it and I am very much excited waiting till it’s done


One Response to “Downloading Movies”

  1. Mona says:

    San ka nagdadownload madam .. Ako rin eh dl n lng din mahal na ang cinema eh 🙂