Second Chance?

After a year of being unfaithful, his wife wants to come back and be with her family.  She leaves her family to be with the other guy she thought who loves her much.  Would he give her wife a second chance?  The question that has been asked to my father from his friend.  I can sense that he still loves her wife but the pain she caused for being unfaithful gives him a second thought if he could give his wife another chance.   Many say that, everybody deserves a second chance but I guess it is case to case basis.  It would really matter what kind of offense and pain that the other person gives us.  My father who is their witness during their wedding do not know what to do and what advice he can give because looking at their kids makes us sad.  The kids are keep on asking where is their mother but they got no answer from their father.

If you were to asked, would he giver his wife a second chance after being unfaithful?


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