Part of Discipline

I was watching the new television show series here in my country.  The show is all about the ups and down in life.  In the show, the grandmother is punishing the grandchild.  The punishment was forcing the child to kneel down on the mongo seed.  It touches my heart seeing the way the grandmother is punishing her.

Looking at the girl makes me remember the day when my father was punishing my sister and me back when we were younger.  We were playing and forgot to put the pork in the pork in the fridge.  We did not know where did it go but it was lost.  My father got so angry when he got home from work because there is no food to eat for lunch.  My father was so angry that punished us to kneel down on the rock salt and arms spread out.  It was so painful.  We did cry while kneeling and asking ourselves where did it Oh well, that was from the past and that incident makes my sister and me to be responsible at home.   Though it was very harsh, it is part of disciplining my sister and me.

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