Like a Flat Tire

It is another sleepless night last night because I am not feeling well.  It is because of the weather.   My nieces woke me up early this morning because my sister is calling me.  Gosh, I forgot that I have to accompanied her to the health center for the final vaccination of her son.  I was still groggy and sleepy but I do not have a choice but to get up and get myself ready.  I did not able to eat breakfast because my sister is in a hurry and I just thought we would not stay their long.

I was surprised when we arrived at the health center, that there are so many mommies with their babies are there waiting outside.  My sister gave the baby book and get her priority number which is number 34.  And because it is health center under government, it is expected that people working there are not doing their work fast.  It took us three hours before it is our turn.  I am so hurry and feel like fainting.  Fast my breakfast already that makes me so tired and feels like a flat tire.  Until now, I am not feeling so well and very tired.  I wish to have a good night sleep tonight and bring back the energy I have lost today.  Have a good night sleep everyone!

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