Act Your Age

I have seen and observed people from different walks of life.  Their actuation, characteristics and personality are not the same.  I can say that we are all born unique individuals.  One thing that is confusing is that some individual do not act the way they supposed to act.  Some are matured enough and some are not.  The way people acted is based on how they raised by their parents, how they adopt things around them and how they are going to face their life.  It is so confusing indeed, and that is the beauty of life.  We have to discover things and achieved our goals in life.

I have known someone who doesn’t acted they way she was expected to act.  She is old and professional but her actuation is like of a teenager.  It is so annoying that sometimes I do not want to talk to him.  Sometimes she seeks advises from me but do not take my advices.  She has lots of complain about her life instead of embracing it and accept it.  It is hard to make her understand sometimes.  I know there are many individuals who are into this stage in life wherein they refused to grow and be matured.  They like to be young and stay young even if it doesn’t fit them anymore.  I hope and wish that my friend and some individual would the right way.  And hey, Act Your Age!

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