Feeling Better At Last

After almost two weeks of not being well, my father now is slowly getting better.  He can now stand up on his own, can move and walk slowly.  It has been a week of being on the bed and bored.  Yes, he is bored and losing some patience because he wanted to stand up and walk but his condition won’t allow him.  We constantly give him medicines and steamed his legs because it is too weak.  We do not know what happened and we do not know what to do because he is complaining that his legs hurts so bad.

Today, he can walk slowly on his own.  I am happy because it will be less tiring for me.  I am restless for the past week because of my father’s condition plus I have to take good care of my two nieces and nephew.   Very tiring for me but I do not have a choice.  I just pray to God to guide me and give me more strength.  It is indeed an answered prayer because my father is getting better now.  Few more days and all will be back to normal for my father.:-)

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One Response to “Feeling Better At Last”

  1. rikka says:

    I’m glad that your father is OK now. It’s really hard seeing your loved ones being sick.

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