Keeping the Faith

We all have encountered many difficulties and trials in life nowadays.  Seems like it is very hard to cope up with the entire crisis we are facing through right now.  Some opted to give up and some decides to move on to find the happiness they are looking for.  The best attitude we have to gain in this time of year.  It is never easy but with faith and beliefs we have to our Almighty God all will fall into places in due time.

My family has encountered difficulties lately; we are struggling so hard just to survive in this battle for a better life.  There are nights that I felt crying because of what my family is going through right now.  Thanks to my sister who always there for me when I confided in her.  She always gives us strength to hold on to this life and never giving.  She strongly believes that there is always rainbow after the rain.  The rainbow that symbolizes betters future, bright life, and colorful journey to life.   We just have to continue moving on, and never quit.  The best weapon we have right now is to keep the faith to our God as Jesus keeping the faith God when he was carrying the cross to Calvary.

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