I am Blogging!

This morning I am doing my online stuffs when my father called me.  His arthritis is visiting him again and he is in pain.  When this time happens he is so demanding and always wants attention.  Oldies make me sick sometimes.  Argh!  My newfound profession in life is a nurse to my demanding and hardheaded father.  Though I am used to it because I have been his nurse for quiet sometime now, too much demanding lessen my patience for him.  Makes so tiring for me because I have also my nephew to look at to.

While I am away from my computer to attend my father, my nephew is at the living room busy playing.  His two sisters are on vacation that is why he plays alone.  When I came back to continue what I am doing, I saw my nephew facing the computer and typing.  I slowly come near him and asked him what he is doing.  He smiled to me and answered ‘ I am blogging!’ lol My little nephew makes me smile because he thinks he knew what is blogging is all about.  Then I realized, maybe he is observing me doing my blogging thing.  I used to use this line before when a friend and neighbors came to our house and asked what I am doing.  Smart little kid eh?  He has this gestures and his own style that amazed me and makes me love him so much.


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One Response to “I am Blogging!”

  1. Hyanne says:

    Yong grandmother ko din, kapag sumasakit arthritis eh not feeling well din, pahid pahid ang drama. Ako nga di pa matanda feeling ko my arthritis na rin ako gawa ng babad sa tubig noong bata pa laging basa ang paa, kundi sa kanal eh laging naghuhugas ng paa. Hehe

    Hindi nga lang naman si Tita ang marunong magblog marunong din si nephew 🙂