Thanks A Lot

They say that having lots of friends are blessings because it only means we have many shoulders to cry one and we have someone who will help us when we are in need.  It is really true because I have tried and tested it with the kind of friends that I have right now.  I am so happy to have a friend offline and online.  Though we haven’t seen each other face to face, we do talked and give trust to each other.

I am so happy to found a new friend online.  Though she is a Filipina like me, she is now living in America.  And I guess you know the reason why she is in America right now.  She has given me so many blessings to me and I am so happy.  It is indeed a blessing in disguise that Mona told me about her free hosting.  She have gave me domains that I do not think I can repay it, and now she has giving me a new opportunity to earn.  Thanks to you Belle.  More power, more blessings will come along your way and God bless always.

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2 Responses to “Thanks A Lot”

  1. gagay says:

    sana may ganyan din ako te..para may free hosting din..LOL! good people are always blessed with good friends! 😀

  2. Mona says:

    thanks for the mention happy to be your friend 🙂