While I Am Cooking

Aside from being a nanny to four kids, a nurse to my sickly father and a housekeeper, I also do the cooking.  My sister used to call me the queen of the kitchen.  My time is so busy that I do not have time for myself.  I only snatched time to do my blogging career. lol  It is so difficult but I am able to manage my time for my family.  This is my way of thanking them since I do not have work.  I quit my job because my father got operated.  Instant nurse I must say.  
While I was cooking,  I did not notice that my two years old nephew has climbed on the chair of our dining table.  When I turned around, he is starting to get the things on the table and throw it.  I get mad because he includes the vegetables I have put on the table.  I spanked his hands and tell him he is bad.  While I am cooking he is doing his stuffs too. arghs!  He cried after I spanked him and looking at me.  I did not come near to him to make realized I do not like what he did.  But sad to say he keeps on crying, and so I come near to him and carried him.  He stopped crying and sit on the chair watching me cooking.

2 Responses to “While I Am Cooking”

  1. Mona says:

    Parang si kyla pero eto naman super kulit ..

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