Blinds for our Windows

My mother passed away when I was nice years old.  Since then household chores have become our responsibilities at a very young age.  Household chores have been divided among five siblings.  And since I am little I was assigned in cleaning the window.  As I grow older and eldest are married most of the responsibilities has been given to me.  Though I love to do the laundry, curtains are too heavy to wash that makes me a bit tired.
Few weeks ago I was thinking to buy an alternative to curtain to hang on our window.  We have been using curtains for years already and I want some changes on our window this time.  Since I am still in-charge of the windows in our house I would like to use roller blinds instead of curtain this time.  I have seen designs of different blinds that are suited to our windows.  I am pretty sure my family will love the changes I want to make.  Well, I have to tell them and consult them since I will be asking some money from them.  We do share some house expenses ever since.  I am pretty sure they will like my plans to buy blinds for our windows because I am positive they are sick of curtains as well. 

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