Online Opportunity

I have been blogging for more than a year now.  I am enjoying it and loving it because of those comments that I have received from my readers and followers.  It is a fulfilling job to a blogger like me to know that there are people out there reading my crafts.
I am browsing in the internet when I came across this blog advertising.  A site where advertisers and bloggers meet and do business together.    Advertisers are offering their products and services to bloggers.  And bloggers do the task in making a review about the products and services.  It is one way of promoting the advertisers website.  To let the people know their products and services is what this site is all about.   A one of a kind site where advertisers and bloggers bringing together to boost their revenue.
As a blogger, I am looking for a way where I can monetize my blog.  This make money blogging is an online opportunity for me to grab.  I get paid by blogging a certain subject, write a review about other websites, and a review about products and services offered by advertisers.   It is a good feeling to get paid by the review I made.  I am enjoying my hobby to write and at the same time enjoying the money that I have earned.

One Response to “Online Opportunity”

  1. Nortehanon says:

    Hi there, fellow Pinay blogger 🙂

    I blogged with some free blogging platforms for about 6 years and two years ago I got my own domain. Since then, I started blogging anonymously. And it's been rewarding, not in terms of money, though. It's rewarding because I get to express myself in writing. Whether or not people read my blog, I leave it to other bloggers. If they read, it's a bonus for me 😉

    I haven't really earned money from my blog. I have received several offers for advertisements, though. But for now I want to keep it ad-free muna siguro 🙂

    Enjoy blogging and enjoy earning from your blog. Good luck, Genny!