My Disclaimer Post

I have heard and seen on television about blogging and bloggers.  I want to give it a try but I do not have any idea how to start and do it.  Until a good friend of mine who is into blogging share to me her experienced as a blogger.  Encourage me to create my account and start writing.  Since I am fond of writing I decided to give it a try.
After thinking of a concept on what to write,  I come up with this title of my blog Sanctuary of my Emotions.  From the title itself, it tells about my emotions, experiences, ideas, opinions and thoughts in life.  I write it in here what is on my mind and what I feel.  This is my refuged since I can express myself more in writing.  This blog also accepts compensation through writing advertising content and reviews from various advertisers.  If I am to write a review on a certain products and services it is based in my experience, research and opinion in my own point of view.   With the provided link, readers are encourage to do their research and see for themselves what I am trying to say and what I am trying to emphasize.
All the articles that have been posted in this blog does not contain any harm or present any conflict of interest.  To all my friends and sponsors who are responsible for the existence of this blog, thanks very much for your support. 

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