Mystery of Life

Have you ever thought of what is life ahead of us? 

I have seen different people around the world. Fighting trials, challenges and difficulties in life.  Some are complaining but still continue battling the hardships in life.  I have seen people living on the streets, charity institutions, hospitals, at work, vendors and churches.  I wonder why they are doing that and whom they dedicated those hardwork.  No one really knows what is life ahead of us but we keep on moving on hoping someday we will know the reasons of our life. 
In our life, no one can tell when is our last day here on Earth.  We have to be ready for the possible things that might happen along the way.  Losing hope and faith makes the people wants to end their life, and others are keeping the faith and hope that they will get better and healed from their illnesses.  It is indeed life is a mystery to us all, we just have to be alert, be ready and be awake all the time. We needed  to be aware as we are on our journey to happiness and contentment in life.  When will this be going to happen?  It is still a mystery that we have to find out.  God bless everyone.!.

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