CCTV Camera

I have seen and heard this kind of technology gadget many times already.  My first impression is that, this would be useless and just an additional expenses by the government as I have seen CCTV camera on the streets.  I have not appreciate the importance of this gadget until now.  With all the crimes and accidents happens on the road, CCTV camera is of a big help in investigation.  This kind of gadget is no longer an expenses but a sort of needs to solve some crimes. 

In the world today, life is so tough.  Crisis in economy and lost of jobs are the reason why some people opted to do badly like stealing,robbery and hold up.  So sad but it is true, it is hard to trust anybody nowadays.  Because of these reasons, some business establishments put CCTV camera in the building. To monitor people going in and out of the building.  As they say, ‘prevention is better than cure’ that is why it is better  to have this CCTV camera for our protection and safety.  Investigation of the crimes are clear because the police who investigate it has the evidence through CCTV.  I have seen in the new how this CCTV camera is a big help.  I am not saying that we should buy CCTV camera, just saying that technology really helps in solving crimes and accidents.

One Response to “CCTV Camera”

  1. Mona says:

    If only i have the money i will purchase one i believe this is a good help 🙂