How was I made?

In our world today, there are so many women who are single mother.  The man they loved was gone after knowing that they are expecting a baby.  So sad that they are not responsible enough to face the consequences of their being curious.  Curiosity kills their innocent minds.  Though it is a blessing to have a baby but having it in a very young age is not easy.  I salute those women who raise their baby alone.  Working hard to give a decent life to her baby.  It is a woman’s joy to see her baby growing through their hard work, effort and love.

But what if the child grows a little older and realized that the family he/she grow up do not have a father with them?  What if one day they asked, how was I made?  How can an eight years old child understands why the family he/she belongs is not normal?  Simple questions but so difficult to answer. 

This is what the single mother has to face and explain to her child.  As much as a single mother wanted to avoid this issue being tackled but child’s curious minds asking for it. To face the reality and be honest to the child is the best thing to do.  Telling them why their family is not normal because no father in the house.  As they say, to have a peace of mind we have to be honest.  But to tell a kid how was he/she made is not easy because it is so complicated  to his/her age.  Good luck to all single mother out there.  I applause you for the job well done!

One Response to “How was I made?”

  1. sHeNgKaY says:

    count me in genny! single mom..

    your right, its just fine now that baby is not capable of asking Q..thats actually my greatest fear, when time comes that Iris will ask me that Q..hayysss..

    ..and for now, one of my option is to be just honest to her..

    oh by the way, I am a single mom by choice..why?..very long story. Maybe i'll write it on my blog why it is so?..hehehe..

    my blog will explain it to my daughter someday..hehehe..