In every events people are conducting and organizing, it involves money.  A money that comes from the member as registration fee.  It is a big event therefore it is expected to be a little bit of big amount.  No matter how simple it is when it involves money members should know the whereabouts of the said money.  Aside from those registration fee attendee are paying, also the organizers received money from the generous members in addition to foods and prizes of games expenses. To make the event a successful one.

After the event, it is important to liquidate on where did the money go.  Be transparent enough to tell everyone the expenses they have incurred during the preparation.  We are not complaining or having some doubts but it is a must to do some liquidation for us to know if the group still have the money to put in the funds for the next event.  Although the main purpose is to be happy and make a memorable experience.  When the discrepancies are there, the organizers should explain everything because as member, we do deserved and explanation.  I am not saying you are avoiding it but I guess three days are more than enough time to make a liquidation report to clear things.  Letting everybody know is a good sign that organizers are worthy of the trust and respect.  When it comes to money we have to be transparent especially if that money is not ours.  It is the money of the members that give trust on you.  Show to us that you deserved of that trust.  Thank You!

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