9 Mornings…

We, catholic people have the nine mornings of masses in preparation for the Christmas day.  It has been the tradition for years and still the tradition of the new generation.  It starts from four o’clock in the morning up to about six o’clock in the morning.  It has been said that if you are going to complete all nine mornings, your wish will come true.  To others it is true, to others it is not.  I guess it all depends on your faith in God.  If your intention is to get your wish come true then you might be disappointed.  For the real reason of these nine mornings of prayer is to know the story of Jesus’ journey. 

I have been completed this nine mornings of prayer two years in a row.  It is a good thinking that I am able to complete it and managed to wake early in the morning.  Based on my experienced I can say that my wishes come true.  Believe it or not I do believed that wishes will come if we have the faith and trust in God.  Find in our hearts because it’s where God lives.  Some might not agree of me but this is my experienced.  Some might wonder it is just coincidence, no matter what it is I know God’s hand are working in a way that we did not expect it. 

Around four o’clock in the morning tomorrow nine mornings will start so sleep early for us to wake up early and starts wishing.  Hope we are able to complete all nine mornings.  See you at church everyone!

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